Electrical Services: Commercial

Installations & Inspections

Scheduled Systems Maintenance

Safety Inspections and Remediation

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

Surge Suppression and Voltage Regulation

Ground Resistance Testing

Smoke Detector and CO Detector Installation and Inspections

Commercial Generators

Commercial Energy Audits

Solar Energy System Installation and Maintenance

Power Conditioners

Power Consumption Meters

Code Corrections

Ceiling Fan Installation

Exhaust Fan Installation


From single office and small businesses, to industrial parks and shopping centers, Mario Brattoli and his Allstate Electric team have provided New Jersey commercial customers with exceptional value and guaranteed quality, since 2008. Whether handling service calls and maintenance, testing and analysis, or creating robust power, lighting, data,and security systems, Allstate has developed a stellar reputation in commercial electrical services.


Interior and Exterior Lighting Control Systems

Interior Track, Accent, Task, and Signage Lighting

Exterior Security, Landscape, and Signage Lighting

Lighting Controls


Holiday Lighting

Landscape Lighting


The right lighting for your business is essential. From providing task specific lighting for offices and institutions, display lighting solutions for retailers, industrial lighting for manufacturers and warehouses, to creating the right ambiance in restaurants and clubs, getting the lighting right can be the difference between success and failure. At Allstate Electric, we can provide lighting schematics and design expertise, complete installation, and scheduled maintenance for educational institutions, medical facilities, municipalities, and all types of commercial enterprise. We also provide full troubleshooting, repair, and inspection remediation services.

Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

Multi-view Monitoring Systems

Video and Remote Security Systems

Security Camera Installation and Upgrades

Motion Sensors

Power Back-up Security Systems

Bulb Replacement

As a business owner, securing your assets as well as providing a safe environment for employees and consumers is paramount. At Allstate Electric, we have been providing security solutions for businesses large and small since 2008. Whether you are interested a simple camera and alarm system or you require a state-of-the-art, power independent, multi-view, monitor and report system, working with Allstate Electric to design a system that meets your needs is simple and straight forward. We can advise on every aspect of system selection, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Data and Entertainment Systems

Commercial Communication Systems

Commercial Mission Critical Data Networks

Credit Card and System Terminal Instillation

Commercial Entertainment Systems

CAT 5e, LANs, and Wireless Router Installation

Surge Suppression and Voltage Regulation

Exterior Theater and Audio Systems

Pool and Wet Area Systems

Businesses require robust communications and data systems in order to succeed. Secure access to the internet, to online payment systems, order platforms, inventory systems, and communications play an integral role and insuring that all of these systems stay online is essential. Allstate Electric designs and installs complete communications and data networks to meet the unique demands of modern businesses. We also provide troubleshooting, repair and current system upgrades and maintenance.

Commercial Generators

Generator Selection Guidance

Generator Installation

Troubleshooting and Repair

Generator Maintenance


For many businesses, having access to emergency, back-up energy is a requirements. From mission critic businesses to health care and data based companies, downtime can be disastrous for business. Allstate Electric provides business owners with guidance as to the capacity necessary to maintain essential power through back-up generators and provides annual maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting.

Power Supply

Service Calls, Emergencies, and Scheduled Maintenance

Safety Inspections and Remediation

Testing and Analysis

Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance

Surge Suppression and Voltage Regulation

Ground Resistance Testing

Businesses rely on a consistent, safe, and adequate power system in order to function. From lighting and security systems to sales, inventory, and communications systems, insuring that your power supply is healthy and resilient is key. However, changes in technology and their associated increased power requirements can result in surges, outages, even fire, if your power system is outdated or inadequate. At Allstate Electric, we can design and either create or update your power system, insuring that your needs are met today and can be easily upgraded to meet future demand. We also provide full system troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.