electric vehicle charging stations


The future of transportation is electric! With the massive growth in sales of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, smart businesses, real estate developers, and institutions are providing charging stations for consumers. Allstate Electric has the specialized knowledge and experience in installing and maintaining single unit and multi-unit charging stations.

Allstate Electric is one of only a handful of electricians designated in the Greater New York City area as a "preferred vendor" by Tesla.  We also sell, install and service Leviton Electric Charging Stations which provide both universal, Honda, and Kia branded units.  Whether you need a single, home based unit for charging you car or you require a bank of chargers for customers and employees, installing an electric vehicle charging station makes good sense, for the environment and for your bottom line. 

- single residential charging stations

- multi-unit commercial charging stations

- large fleet or public parking charging stations

- system selection guidance

- installation

- maintenance & servicing