4 Reasons Your Home Needs landscape Lighting

Who needs landscape lighting? YOU DO!

Ask a realtor, an insurance agent, or a police officer and you will find that they all recommend landscape lighting for your home. But why? Unless your home is in Architectural Digest, how does landscape lighting benefit you?

1.   Landscape Lighting Improves Curb Appeal and the Value of Your Property

Well done, tasteful landscape lighting improves the "curb appeal" or beauty of your home. Carefully placed lights create a warm and inviting environment that increases the perceived value of your home. Lighting that plays up unique architectural features, entertainment areas, and entryways help to creating that feel good factor or that curb appeal so important to buyers. 

Of course, living in a home that looks beautiful and is appealing to residents is important too, we all want to be proud of our home and landscape lighting can really contribute.

2.   Landscape Lighting Encourages Neighbors 

Have you ever noticed that when one neighbor does something, its starts a trend? Whether its re-roofing our house, adding a pool, or even putting the house on the market, as soon as one neighbor does something, others will follow. 

Landscape lighting is no different. Your neighborhood can go from a dark, bland, uninspiring place to a stunning showplace....it just takes one person to get the ball rolling. Of course, a neighborhood of beautiful, warm, and inviting homes increases everyone's perceived property value.

3.   Landscape Lighting Extends the Usability of Your Property

Whether defining an entertainment space to sit and relax, creating a bbq or outdoor dinning area, or lighting up a yard, pool, or tennis court, landscape lighting can help extend the usability of your property. 

Think about it. You are more likely to use an area where you can actually see. So having more dinners outside, letting the kids run off some of that energy, and just sitting around bonding with friends can increase your usage and enjoyment of your home.

4.   Landscape Lighting Increases Your Safety and Security

Strategic landscape lighting can eliminate dark entryways, and make it difficult for burglars to sneak around your property undetected. If it is a choice between a dark home, with lots of dark hiding places and a well lighted home, I think most burglars will choose homes with landscaping that provides the most coverage. 

Coupling a landscape lighting plan with a security system can increase your family's peace of mind even more. Not to mention, you may achieve a deduction in your home owners insurance by providing additional lighting and security.

Landscape lighting is not a job to undertake alone. In addition to understanding the overall aesthetics to insure that your home is lighted in a tasteful and complementary fashion, landscape lighting requires an electrical system that is protected from the elements, water and moisture proofed, and reduces the chance of accidental digging dangers. 

A professional electrician can work with you to determine landscape lighting and security needs that fit within your budget.