DIY Electrical Work - Not Worth the Risks

If you ask most home owners, which DIY (Do It Yourself) project that they would most avoid, electrical work is probably top on their list. 


For most people, electricity is scary. 

And rightly so. Over 12% of all electrical fires in private residences are caused by faulty electrical systems or appliances. Some of these are caused by outdated or aging equipment, but many are caused by poor repairs, replacements, and installations carried out by the untrained.

On the rise....electrical fires caused by DIY electrical work.

Youtube videos and online instruction have given many would be DIYers a false sense of security, suggesting that adding landscape lighting, rewiring outlets, and installing ceiling fans are safe and easy procedures. Unfortunately, people attempting to handle electrical installations or repairs can electrocute themselves and/or cause damage to their appliances and property. 

Risking your life and property just isn't worth the potential savings of a few bucks. In fact a good chunk of a licensed electrician's business is fixing the damage caused by DIYers. 

Plus, most insurance policies are voided by DIY repairs or installations. So, if your project ends up causing you or others injury or damages or destroys your property, you will be on the hook for the related expenses. 

Call a licensed electrician. 


The professionals at Allstate Electric llc would be pleased to meet with property owners in Northern New Jersey to discuss all of your electrical installation, renovation, maintenance, and emergency needs.