Choosing an Electrician

If you are like most people, you only think about your home electrical system when the power bill comes or when there is an emergency. 

Thinking about your electrical usage and how you can save money is a great idea...but waiting until an emergency to choose an electrician is not. 

Home and business owners should have a relationship with an electrician before an emergency occurs. In fact, having regular maintenance of your electrical system can save you money and prevent many common emergencies. 

So, how do you select an electrician?

Ask for Recommendations

Friends and neighbors can provide trusted recommendations based on their own experiences with local electricians. You can also ask your property insurance agent or real estate agent which electricians they would recommend.

Check the License and Insurance

Electricians should be licensed and insured. Most states have on-line searchable databases that provide licensing information as well as any disciplinary action taken against the owner. You can find the data-base at your state's Department or Consumer Affairs or Department of Professional Licensing. 

Get a Quote and Compare

Professionals provide written quotes. It protects you, it protects them, and it memorializes the services quoted to avoid any misunderstandings. If your recommendations have resulted in a few different companies, get quotes and compare. BUT....don't pick a company simply based on the lowest price.  It's more important to....

Trust Your Gut

How do you feel about the electricians that you meet? Are they polite? Professional? Knowledgeable? You want to find an electrician that you trust and feel comfortable working with in your home or business. 

Creating a relationship with an electrician now can help you save on energy bills, head off potential problems through preventative and system maintenance, and provide you with a trusted person to call in the event of an emergency.