power supply and generator systems


Businesses rely on a consistent, safe, and adequate power system in order to function. From lighting and security systems to sales, inventory, and communications systems, insuring that your power supply is healthy and resilient is key. However, changes in technology and their associated increased power requirements can result in surges, outages, even fire, if your power system is outdated or inadequate. At Allstate Electric, we can design and either create or update your power system, insuring that your needs are met today and can be easily upgraded to meet future demand. We also provide full system troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.

- service calls, emergencies, and scheduled maintenance

- safety inspections & remediation

- testing & analysis

- circuit breaker testing & maintenance

- surge suppression and voltage regulation

- ground resistance testing



For many businesses, having access to emergency, back-up energy is a requirements. From mission critic businesses to health care and data based companies, downtime can be disastrous for business. Allstate Electric provides business owners with guidance as to the capacity necessary to maintain essential power through back-up generators and provides annual maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting.

- generator guidance and installation

- troubleshooting and repair

- generator maintenance