Customers who require multiple charging stations at their residence or commercial customers who want to provide their employees, clients, customers, or fleet managers with multi-unit charging stations need an experienced electrician to assist in the selection, instillation, maintenance, and repair of their multi-unit electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). 

Multi-unit and fleet charging systems require specialist knowledge, both in the selection for site appropriateness and in the instillation and maintenance. Commercial, municipal, and institutional multi-unit customers may be entitled to significant grants and credits for the purchase and instillation of units. 

In addition to site selection and system selection guidance, Allstate Electric provides:

  • Site inspection and consultation to determine needs
  • Trenching and grid instillation
  • Scheduled inspection of equipment for maintenance, repair, and upgrade.
  • Most equipment can be purchased through Allstate Electric
  • Assistance with electrical charging station grants and discounts
 Evr-Green® 4000 Level 2 Public Use Charging Station

Evr-Green® 4000 Level 2 Public Use Charging Station

Allstate Electric can assist in the selection and acquisition of universal multi-unit stations and Tesla branded multi-unit stations. Commercial, institutional and municipalities who are interested in providing electric charging stations should contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.